Tattoo After Care

Healing time of 2 weeks *Remove bandage in 2 hours, wash well with hand, soap & warm water.

Pat gently dry, air out and rewrap DRY with plastic wrap.

Repeat before bed time. *Wash tattoo twice a day gently with warm water and Anti-bactrial liquid soap such as Dial Gold

Wrap 3 nights and 1st day only DRY w/ Plastic wrap


Remove Plastic wrap, it may seem very saturated. this is normal.

Wash very well with warm water and soap in the a.m. lather and rinse a few times to remove all bodily liquid.

Pat gently dry/ air out 15 minutes, rewarp dry.

Change plastic every 4-5 hours: rinse with warm water, air out/rewrap DRY

Before bed wash well with warm water and soap before 2nd night time wrap. Air out and rewrap dry for bed.


Remove plastic wrap and wash well with soap and warm water. Air out 15 minutes then apply a THIN layer of Ointment/balm throughout the day.

Ointments: After Inked, Aquafer, Bacitracin or Polysporin,
NO Neosporin NO triple anti-biotic ointment

Continue washing in AM & PM and applying ointment throughout the day until tattoo has fully peeled. This can take 5-10 days

After peeling process is complete switch to fragrance free lotion/oil

After Inked, organic Shea Butter,  Aveeno, or Eucerin, also can be used: Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, almond or grapeseed oil after the peeling process is complete.  Apply throughout the day and before bed.


DO NOT: leave plastic on longer then recommended, do not apply ointment thick, tattoo needs to breath to heal. So the thinner the better!

NO: working out for 3 days. NO: Picking scratching, soaking,, swimming or sunning for 2 weeks. ALWAYS, contact artist or medical dr if you have any questions or concerns.
ALWAYS use sunblock 60 + forever.