Studio owner, painter and tattooist. Tattooing since 2003, specializing in large scale color work within her own style.

Please Read

Thank you for your interest in collecting a piece of art. I am honored by every request I receive. I dedicate myself to creating the best possible work I can. Translating my clients’ ideas into a visual medium takes time, effort and focus. Because of this, and to ensure I can finish these projects in a timely fashion, I have to limit the amount of clients I take on in-order to focus on each project with the attention it deserves. I am very selective of the pieces I choose. I will not be able to respond to everyone, A response can take 7 days so please be patient. I only communicate with the client, no third party.  Space is LIMITED due to COVID19 closures, my BOOKS ARE CLOSED FOR 2020. LATE SPRING OF 2021 IS REALISTIC.  I am  Always  open  to hear  your ideas, I do like to do one session pieces, but Also aiming towards larger pieces with large subject matter. Making suggestions to clients on how subjects will best fit the bodies canvas.


I am taking a break from full sleeves/arms as working on sleeves is a burden to my neck. What I am wanting to tattoo: Full back pieces, or half upper back. Full front torso or full chest piece is good, full leg Sleeves, Full thigh pieces are welcome, from hip to knee.  Please NO Cover-up requests unless laser sessions have been completed to lighten tattoo. Laser practice is available at Black Sage.  Please visit  to start your lightening process!  No fix ups, or continuation of another artists work. I will not do it

PLEASE use the contact form below and give a brief explanation of your idea & placement on the body. LOCATION/EVENT means, where are we meeting? My studio in Evergreen, or a guest spot/convention I am signed up for near you?? 

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